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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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here's mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that the americans call a dollar. i'm sorry i'm just a guy who cares an awful lot about my country you sir are a fool you know what that is my terror cells. don't want to listen to feature stories and the only liberal democrats. can really sort of the.
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most up guys i'm out here martin and tell all book no easy day a navy seal revealed the cornet's of a north carolina training facility replicating bin laden's compound take a look it's pretty much identical maybe seals training to duplicate facility for three months and were surveilling bin ladin the actual compound even longer so after a ten year quagmire in afghanistan letting bin ladin go at tora bora surveilling his compound with a trillion dollar military apparatus for months we still couldn't catch the world's most wanted criminal alive it could have put him on trial u.s. played judge jury and executioner allegedly assassinating bin ladin and dumping his body in the ocean like the mafia would real nice even though obama touts this bloodbath as his largest victory he claims that there was only a fifty percent chance that
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a lot and was even there to begin with i guess that call isn't surprising considering how the us issues drone strikes with only a two percent success rate who cares about the odds right it's all part of fighting terror with terror and that's why i'm breaking the set. guys there's a lot going on in the world a lot that you might disagree with as much as we protest and complain to our elected representatives it does seem to shape the actual legislation put into action foreign policy is supposed to be drafted between the president and congress but that would be too easy to democratic so instead legislation is now outsourced policy perceptions are made by think tanks and n.g.o.s like the council on foreign relations the atlantic council and the trilateral commission the idea of having academics researching world issues with journalists to help keep our elected
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officials informed sounds like a good idea right sure but what happens when the policy recommendations are being made by the councils and think tanks whose board members are the c e o's of some of the biggest corporations in the world is a conflict of interest that many of these councils are run by executives from almost every major industry from food to media and moshav kingly national defense the second look at just some of the few council on foreign relations their mission statement is in part sponsor an independent task forces that produce reports with both findings and policy prescriptions on the most important foreign policy topics . the question i ask is what sort of policy prescriptions can we expect from a board of directors that includes madeleine albright colin powell both of whom served as u.s. secretary of state tom brokaw for reid's a career both too well known establishment journalists so these folks aren't even
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in government anymore they sit on the board of one of the most influential think tanks in the world now if you doubt the c.f.r. as influence just take a listen of a clip of hillary clinton's first visit as secretary of state to the c.f.r. headquarters right here in washington d.c. . you get a lot of things from the council so this will mean i won't have this far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future. what we should be doing and how we should think about the future g. hiller you're really letting the cat out of the bag there now you may be wondering why you don't hear about these groups influence from the corporate media as i mentioned before extremely powerful influential media moguls that on these boards they are part of the establishment and the c.f.r. is only one of these groups what about the atlantic council of the atlantic council's website part of their focus is on drafting a road map for u.s.
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policy toward the balkans cuba iraq iran and libya now this is especially interesting because membership of the atlantic council includes some of the top defense corporations in the country lockheed martin boeing northrop grumman and raytheon so why are the top defense corporations in the world advice in our lawmakers on foreign policy as we know the revolving door between government and corporations never stop spending open secrets dot org found that in two thousand and six one hundred fifty one members of congress had up to two hundred million dollars of their personal assets invested in defense. but he's having that much financial stake in companies that make money by having the u.s. go to war begs the question are stakeholders concerned about and in the war or they're trying to make sure there's perpetual war for them to profit from and we can't forget the trilateral commission created by the good old david rockefeller as
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a way of better cooperation between the us and europe and japan some of its most notable members include george bush dick cheney bill clinton henry kissinger madeleine albright as well as a whole host of well known politicians and c.e.o.'s of multinational corporations like goldman sachs exxon mobil shell citigroup and others but folks this isn't anything new check out what ron paul had to say about these groups back in one thousand nine hundred ninety. years now it's been claimed by many and there's pretty good evidence that those who are involved in trilateral commission. and the council formulation usually ends up in positions of power and i believe this is true but i think this is important point here because i think money is in paul in involved here powers involved in oil is involved there keep in mind ron paul was saying that these think tanks were the ones running the show one two years ago just imagine how much more pervasive it it is now who needs
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a continuity of government when you have all these think tanks making decisions under the guise of a representative democracy it's time to wake up to this reality and it's time to stop letting wars be dictated by corporate interests. that service. many of the decisions to advance u.s. imperialism are done outside the halls of congress and the corporatocracy in our policy planning is now outsourced some of the most powerful think tanks in washington some of these groups that draft policy prescriptions of the council on foreign relations atlanta council the trilateral commission and the build a bear group and on these councils that corporate c.e.o.'s media moguls foreign diplomats and politicians so who funds these think tanks how much influence do they really have and most importantly why should we care to talk more about that and
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more and joined now by mark dice media analyst and author of big brother the orwellian nightmare come true and author of the new world order fact or fiction marx thanks for coming on. you're welcome and yeah this these are some very powerful shady organizations that people often refer to they are controlling the governments are these these shady groups will these all or the groups and i've done covered the council on foreign relations tax returns and they show that they have four hundred thirty eight million dollars in assets this is the same organization that killer of clinton said she essentially goes to to be told what to do their publication of foreign affairs just released an article not long ago saying it's time to attack iran so just just a just a little thing just some people getting together to talk with four hundred thirty
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eight million dollars in assets we have we actually have let's throw that up right now they have four hundred thirty eight million dollars in assets forty seven over forty seven million dollars in contributions mark how did you get these tax returns and really i mean cut through the whole narrative like you just said i mean they they claim that these groups are just you know they just get together to talk about stuff i mean clearly there is more going on. yet these organizations function as a five hundred one c three tax exempt foundation and because they're tax exempt foundations they have to have certain tax forms made available to the public through the i.r.s. or through their proxies if you know where to look and so i did some digging and of this assumption and i found the nine ninety forms they're fully authentic verified upside down and backwards for not only the council on foreign relations but the
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secretive builder burge group as well showing that they spend approximately one million dollars a year on their annual conference and what's interesting is on the build a tax returns to the nine ninety forms i function as the entity american friends of builder berg james johnson of perseus l l c is the treasurer and these forms by law have to show who contributes to these organizations so we find in the builder words tax returns and really kissinger david rockefeller just two of the really that most slightly take a look at that right now as you're talking twenty grand rockefeller fifty grand microsoft seventy five grand goldman sachs twenty five grand what does it mean that these corporations are funding these think tanks and the washington post gives them a few tens of thousands of dollars every year for decades and of course the
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washington post doesn't want to bite the hand that feeds them it's no wonder why the mainstream media doesn't like to talk about these organizations when we have one of the biggest media outlets in the country literally funding them. so what why why don't people know about this mark i mean clearly that you know legislation is outsourced now no one writes bills and and congress i mean. what is what are these think tanks doing what is the danger and how can people don't know about them. when people say the media is controlled in america quote they control the media the government controls the media there was an interesting revelation that came about one nine hundred seventy five in an senate investigation committee that uncovered the cia was paying major media outlets under the table two hundred fifty million dollars a year to act as gate keepers and propagandists this is been coded operation mockingbird this is fully veiled and did what are called the church airings frank church
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senator frank church headed up this committee back in the seventy's and of course they say that they don't do that anymore when caught red handed just like when i was caught underage drinking as a kid i said it wouldn't happen again the cia says oh we just won't manipulate the media again so we have clear documentation of the good of the establishment being in bed with these media outlets we have clear evidence showing that the washington post and others are funding the build of group so that's one of the major reasons why they don't like to talk about it they like to just pretend that they don't exist and the council on foreign relations those sounds like a senate committee it sounds like something you would find you know in the halls of congress but it is a private organization that manipulates our foreign policy and not only do they manipulate it they have almost a half
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a billion dollars in assets spending approximately fifty million dollars a year these are the same people that put out the propaganda saying that iraq had weapons of mass destruction in their early and now we're seeing the same propaganda about you ron and a lot of the drafting of the foreign policy prescriptions that are definitely catered toward once again. an impending invasion of that country mark dyess mark dice dot com author journalist researcher everyone to check out these tax forms for yourself their mind blowing thank you so much for coming on and breaking it down thank you. all right guys we're just getting started coming up we'll talk to green party presidential candidate jill stein so stay tuned to hear what she has to say about the lesser of two evils mentality next.
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you mr. oh. tomorrow night we've got our second round of debates you hear joe biden and paul ryan duke it out and what are supposed to be the most pressing issues facing americans at this pivotal time but unfortunately you won't be hearing the full story and that's because some of the most important voices will be excluded those of course representing an alternative to the two party system but that challenge hasn't stopped candidates like joel stein of the green party who's decided instead to travel across country bringing her message to each individual doorstep here to
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talk about why she hasn't given up the fight for a seat at the table i'm joined now by green party presidential nominee herself jill stein thank you so much for coming on and taking the time joe it's a great honor it's great to be with you so joe tell me about the green new deal and why this vision is so important for the country. well you know as you alluded to earlier the real issues and the real solutions are not being discussed in this debate or in this election in fact ninety million voters that's one out of every two voters is voting with their feet by not going to vote because they know that the policies of barack obama and of mitt romney do not represent them and do not serve them so a key missing solution is actually creating jobs both romney and obama are basically saying more of the same you know just wait for a trickle down economics to hit you when in fact gushing up it's not trickling down
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and we've seen this over several decades it's only getting worse we're calling for a green new deal like the solution that actually got us out of the great depression in the one nine hundred thirty it's not rocket science we know how to directly create jobs for about the cost of the first stimulus package which only created two or three million jobs because it was especially the big its complement was tax breaks for that same amount of money can directly create all the jobs we need to put everyone back to work back to work it would create twenty five million jobs put an end to unemployment while we jumpstart the green economy and that means a halt to climate change and making wars for oil absolutely. i have noticed that climate change isn't really an issue so far in the presidential race a joel you're one of the only candidates to vocalize the importance of g.m.o. foods and also just push for local sustainable food systems so why is that an
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integral to your campaign. exactly we see sustainable local organic food supply as a key piece of the green economy for the twenty first century and that's true for climate reasons one of the major drivers of green house gases in fact is this in. but it's not only the climate aspect of it it's also the health aspect we know that seventy five percent of our health dollars now are not really spent on health care they're spent on sick care that is taking care of chronic diseases as part by things like our sick cood system which provides nutrient poor and calorie dense foods so by shifting our subsidies from this frankenfood system to a real help the food system that actually creates a lot of jobs while it reduces greenhouse gases markedly and makes our
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communities sustainable ensures that we have food security for the long haul this is a key part of reducing our secure expenditures and ensuring that we have the money to put into creating the local jobs that we need and the green new deal would not only create a healthy food system it also would create jobs in the clean energy economy in conservation and efficiency in clean energy factoring in transportation you put all that together and you get really an infrastructure for health in our communities instead of relying on pill and medical procedures which are made. king us bankrupt at the same time that we are getting increasingly sicker so the green new deal is a win win win it's a win for our economy it's a win for stopping climate change it's a winter making wars for oil obsolete because if we don't need those oil resources
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on foreign shores then we don't need those wars and it's a win for actually regaining our health for protecting it from the things that are poisoning us into this chronic disease state of affairs to start with now we have seen a monsanto or the two candidates are definitely beholden to monsanto the ties go back for decades now joe a lot of people are looking at either you or gary johnson for an alternative to the two party system but of course you guys are diametrically opposed. in the platform i mean what do you say the problem is with libertarianism which given the free market just free rein to self regulate what is the main problem with that great well i want to acknowledge that we do have a lot in common with really support restore bring our civil liberties the basic concepts of freedom and that this country was founded on we will support and to the war on drugs and to visit bloated military which is trying to police the world and
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making us brain bankrupt as it does but we are very different as you suggest when it comes to this concept of what is government and society about i think the basic libertarian concept is sort of that each of us is an island and each man is an island unto him or her herself. and that government plea protects us from. this i think actually government is an expression of our democracy and expression of our communities and that it's not simply a matter of protecting our freedoms although that's very important but it's also how we basically do one to others it is an expression of the golden rule is an expression of the fact that we are connected to each other as families and. communities and we can ensure that everyone has not only freedom but also justice and a springboard into the world that ensures that we have jobs we have health we have access to good food and we have an environment that will be here for the long haul
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the libertarian solution for climate is basically they say personal responsibility well personal responsibility might do it for people like you and me who care but for those who don't you know where we're heading into meltdown rather quickly right now so we need a system of fair play we need referees on the playing field to ensure that we're all playing by the same fair rules that we're not polluting each other's water each other's air and that we have a climate as well that's not being destroyed by the excesses and the greed of individual corporations or people thank you for clarifying how much you do indeed share in common and and also for clarifying that point joe in two thousand we saw michael moore at ralph nader rally yelling you know the lesser of two evils is still evil and then you saw him in two thousand and four kind of on his literally on his hands and knees begging nader not to run on the bill maher show and on top
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of that i want to play you something that noam chomsky just said which i found very interesting let's take a listen to that. person that was in the swing. against romney ryan which. who are. some of the troops. could. approach. the. beginning of. a cool turn. but the so joe what do you think about this prominent kind of intellectual left wing figures falling back and as a status front line of lesser of two evils and what happened. well you know i'm i'm grateful for cities. so poor. and the state where he lives which is as it is i'm very grateful for. that our campaign
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is the way that we start building a politics of integrity and alternative for the long haul which we desperately need you know i think there's there's a difference between the academics who are you know and the historians who are make an invaluable contribution to our discussion and then there are the people who are out on the streets fighting the fight and knowing that there is no easy way out of this that we need. to fight peacefully of course but it is a fight for eviction blockades to stop the keystone pipeline to fight for the rights of teachers with the chicago teachers union strike to fight against tuition hikes in our colleges and universities as the students in quebec have done successfully and now they're fighting to to basically establish free public higher
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education which is what it should be we're not going to get where we need to go easily they're not going to give us a pass as frederick douglass famously said at the time of evolution power concedes nothing without a demand it never has and it never will in my view you know what we need is to bring that demand not only into the streets but also into the voting booth that we must stand up and set the agenda and fight to move us forward the politics of fear which basically says you need to be quiet in the voting booth and as basically brought us everything that we're afraid of if you look back over the last ten years this politics of fear which has just been drummed away at since new. you're bush gore and told us to be quiet what we've seen is that silence is not an effective political strategy and the politics of fear has actually brought us everything we were afraid of from the massive bailouts for wall street much bigger under obama
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than it was under bush the offshoring of our jobs the undermining of our wages with these continued expansion of free trade agreements that we are getting with obama who has massively expanded the drill baby drill policies on climate where the has basically embraced the policies of george bush and gone much further expanding offshore oil drilling expanding in the mining in our national parks opening up the arctic giving the thumbs up to fracking creating a whole new generation of nuclear power plants undermining the international accords in durban south africa to my mind the bottom line here is that the politics of fear gives you everything that you're afraid up what we need politics of courage like the abolitionists like the labor movement throughout the one nine hundred thirty one so sorry but i want to get this last question we have about a thirty seconds left what's your response to people who say voting for a third party candidates a wasted vote i mean isn't this just a self-fulfilling prophecy to continuously say they never have
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a chance but we're never giving them a viable chance to be valid. exactly and in fact i think the inverse is true that to go to the polls and vote for either wall street sponsored candidate for obama or for romney is to basically give them a mandate for four more years of the saying it may be a reluctant vote in your mind but in their mind it's an absolute mandate to keep raking us over the coals the real sabbat is the wasted vote the real vote is to stand up and vote for real solutions that we will only get if we push forward we are the ones we've been waiting for joe thank you so much for providing that alternative there alternative that people need really appreciate your time jill stein green party if you like the show subscriber you tube. youtube dot com plus breaking the set but our facebook page at facebook dot com bust breaking the set check our new website that a fan made us at breaking the set dot com and if you're wondering about what i'm doing when i'm not on or follow man cleared up the martin to sum it up. a vote for
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wall street is a wasted vote yes movement need to happen in the streets of the grassroots to build alternative sustainable viable alternatives and i really don't think anyone could have said it better than jill stein herself if you don't want to waste your vote don't waste it and if you want to have your voice heard raise that. lead download the official application so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from alzheimer's l.t.v. is not required to watch on t.v. all you need is your mobile device to watch on t.v. any time and i didn't. get off sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you
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glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard welcome to the big picture. for you to. listen to. a lot. don't tell me how much autonomy their primary. source or name which. i mean i'm. going to play.


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